Our Successes


Our Successes
Stephenson Way Academy and Nursery School is constantly striving to improve, develop and refine its approach to education so that children receive the best possible primary school experience.  As a school there are a number of aspects that we are working on but there are also a number of things that we are proud of since becoming an academy school:
We are a highly inclusive and welcoming school.  We cater for children from a range of socio-economic, religious and ethnic backgrounds.   Children with SEN and/or disabilities are very well supported and cared for and are expected to achieve well.  As a school we acknowledge, embrace and understand difference.  Children respond to each other very positively and demonstrate caring and considerate attitudes.
We are a calm, positive and upbeat school where children feel safe, secure and happy.  Everyone at Stephenson Way Academy, both children and adults, know what is expected of them.  School has very clear systems, structures, routines and expectations.  No learning time is lost and the school timetable is set up so that learning and experiences are maximised.  Everything is seen as an opportunity to learn.
We have a clear focus on reading, writing and mathematics and children’s learning and progress is clearly reflected in their learning journals and assessments.  All children work in learning journals, with progress from reception to year 6 recorded clearly over time.   From the earliest opportunity in EYFS children engage in structured reading, writing and maths sessions in order to help them make the best possible academic progress and get them ready for Year 1.   On-going assessment is vital to children’s success and the staff team teach in short blocks in order to monitor progress and assign interventions quickly if children are at risk of falling behind. 
All adults are deployed effectively to teach, support and guide children to enable them to acquire new knowledge, skills and understanding.  Everyone has a key role to play in the success of the children.   Since we know our children well, careful decisions are made about what will benefit children the most.  School currently operates with nursery plus provision as well as vertical learning groups to support some of our children and help them overcome their needs.   
Since becoming an academy, outcomes for children have improved significantly and are broadly average overtime.  Adults in school set high expectations for children and do all they can to raise children’s aspirations and achievement.  Generally, children who are in receipt of pupil premium funding achieve as well those who do not receive additional funding, particularly by the time they leave school.  Also this group of children generally achieve better than similar children nationally.  We compare favourably with other local providers and also nationally.
Stephenson Way Academy is a school of multiple opportunities.  Classroom environments are stimulating and extremely well presented.   The rich, integrated curriculum means that children develop a love of learning through interesting and engaging topics, tasks, visits and visitors.  Children’s social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding and appreciation is developed effectively through a range of well thought-out curriculum and special feature enhancements.  Literature and carefully chosen curriculum texts are used effectively to help children understand the difference between right and wrong; to develop an appreciation for other races, cultures and religions; and to change stereotyping.
School has a number of special features which enhance children’s enjoyment: Sports and PE; Creative and Performing Arts; Environmental Studies; Historical Enquiry.  These features are delivered within school’s innovative Alternative Curriculum Pathway.  
In order to develop and enhance talents school offers many opportunities for children to partake in sporting, arts and performing aspects of the curriculum.  Competition is seen as a positive element of learning and children are required to audition and try out for places in sports teams and school performances.  The children love to rise to this challenge. 
The overwhelming majority of children in Stephenson Way Academy and Nursery School behave extremely well.  They are polite and courteous and eager to learn and succeed.  Visitors report very positively about the conduct of children.
As a staff team we are proud to be members of Stephenson Way and to serve the local community.  We have excellent relationships with the vast majority of families and children.  Both parents and children report positively about the work of the school.