Relax Kids

In February 2017 we are introducing a new programme into school - Relax Kids.

'We are delivering Relax Kids course in your school.   Relax Kids aims are to help children be calm and confident. In each Relax Kids class your child will learn fantastic ways to feel happy, peaceful, calm and confident. The class will incorporate movement, stretching and breathing exercises, as well as simple self -massage and self-esteem games and relaxation exercises. The Relax Kids program is designed to help develop your child’s concentration, creativity and self-esteem.’

We think this will be a great addition to our ‘toolkit’, so we've initially booked 18 weekly sessions.  This will take us to the end of the school year. Some year 3 children will have the opportunity first, followed by some children in year 6.

We have lots of programmes and systems running in school to help children with anxiety, confidence and concentration, from mentoring to social skills groups, but this offers our children something additional.

If parents want to find out more information, please contact the school or visit the Relax Kids website HERE.