Parent Survey - October 2018

Thank you to everybody who completed a Parent Survey. Your views are very important to us and help us to make decisions about how we can continue to improve things at school, so that your children have the best possible provision and so that you have the best possible experience when you need to speak to us.

Here are the outcomes of the survey. Results show that parents are remain overwhelmingly happy with the school. Parents continue to feel that school is keeping their child safe and meeting their educational, social and emotional needs.

See below for the comments written by parents on this questionnaire.

-I am very happy with every aspect of this school.  Both my sons always enjoy coming to school.

-We moved both our children to this school from another in the local area.  We have not looked back.  Well done and thank you.

-I am very happy with the morale boosting techniques the school use such as rewards for attendance.  I am also very happy with the way I am welcomed and given feedback.

-Very happy with ***** progress.  She continues to learn and has a good relationship with staff.

-I just want to say thank you for all of your help with ***** and her struggles.  Thank you for listening to our concerns and helping us and ***** settle and adjust.

-***** has settled well into ***** class and said today that ***** is very funny and tells good jokes.

-We are very happy with ***** progress and work.

-I am very happy with ***** progress in school and always love to meet with his teacher to discuss how he is doing.

-I am very pleased with ***** progress.  ***** enjoys school and she has made some good friends that she’s always telling me about.  As long as ***** is trying her best and is making progress I am happy.

-Thank you for doing a great job.

-***** really enjoys school and enjoys her days at school.  She is full of energy.

-My son is loving year 4 and his new teacher.

-I am really pleased with my child’s progress over the last 9 weeks.

-***** has made excellent advances since going into year 1 and he is happy.

-***** loves coming to school.  I am happy with the progress he has made.

-Thrilled to hear of ***** progress and how far she has come since starting.  She loves to come to school and thoroughly enjoys it.  Thank you for the hard work the teachers and teaching assistants do.

-Since joining, my son has been so much happier.  It’s nice to see him coming home with a smile on his face and the teachers are listening to him with full support.

-***** has always excelled in school.  Very pleased with school as a whole and ***** progress.

-***** really enjoys school and has made good progress.

-Thank you so much.

-Very happy with my child’s progress.

-Very happy with ***** progress.  Reading and writing has improved massively.

-Very happy with ***** progress and the support he gets.  ***** enjoys school and loves learning.

-I think children should be offered fruit as part of their snack.

-Just want the best for *****

-***** was a little bit unsure of coming out of year 5 but he is relaxed and comfortable now, thank you.

-Problems are solved.

-Really good work.

-Pleased ***** teacher has noticed a few quirks as I have.