Parent Survey - November 2015

Thank you to everybody who completed a Parent Survey. Your views are very important to us and help us to make decisions about how we can continue to improve things at school, so that your children have the best possible provision and so that you have the best possible experience when you need to speak to us.

Here are the outcomes of the survey, and below are a selection of comments made by parents on the survey forms.

Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Not Sure
1 My child enjoys school. 72 9 0 0 1
2 My child feels safe and well cared for at school. 72 10 0 0 0
3 The school offers my child a wide range of opportunities and experiences. 72 10 0 0 0
4 My child is well taught at school. 72 10 0 0 0
5 I am happy with my child’s learning and progress 70 12 0 0 0
6 The school helps me support my child’s learning. 71 11 0 0 0
7 The school is good at promoting positive behaviour. 71 11 0 0 0
8 The school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour. 69 13 0 0 0
9 The school encourages good attendance. 71 11 0 0 0
10 The school meets my child’s particular needs. 71 11 0 0 0
11 The school communicates effectively with me, informing me on my child’s progress and about school events. 72 10 0 0 0
12 The school takes account of children’s views. 69 13 0 0 0
13  I feel welcome when I visit school. 71 11 0 0 0
14 The school responds well to my concerns. 70 12 0 0 0
15 The school helps to promote a healthy lifestyle.  72 10 0 0 0
16 I would recommend this school to another parent.  73 9 0 0 0


Parents' Comments: (A selection taken from the Parent Survey Forms - November 2015)

'I'm really pleased with my daughter's progress. The teacher is well liked by her.'

'My children have been made to feel very welcome since starting at Stephenson Way Academy and they are both enjoying it. Thank you.''

'My kids love this school.'

'Both my children enjoy everything the school has to offer. They tell me that the learning aspect and after school clubs are fantastic.'

'My son has progressed really well so far in year 3. I am really pleased with the teacher's comments about his behaviour and work in class.'

'No concerns or complaints - very pleased.'

'I have 3 of my children in this school. It is a fantastic school.'

'This is a great school and I am very pleased my daughter attends.'

'The staff have gone above and beyond for my daughter and me.'

'I think the teacher is fantastic and really goes out of his way to help my son.'

'I'm happy how much my daughter has come on since being in Nursery.'

'I think the school is doing a brilliant job.'

'I'm really pleased with my son's progress and all the support.'

'Fantastic staff, very informative and easy to communicate with in regards to issues or concerns with my children. Any concerns are dealt with promptly.'

'No concerns - very pleased with progress.'