Parent Survey - 2015

Thank you to everybody who completed a Parent Survey. Your views are very important to us and help us to make decisions about how we can continue to improve things at school, so that your children have the best possible provision and so that you have the best possible experience when you need to speak to us.

Here are the outcomes of the survey, and below are a selection of comments made by parents on the survey forms. Click Here to view the results as %.

Question Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree Don't Know Total
My child is happy at this school. 73 19 1 1   94
My child feels safe at this school. 76 17 1     94
My child makes good progress at this school. 75 19       94
My child is well looked after at this school. 75 19       94
My child is taught well at this school. 73 21       94
My child receives appropriate homework for their age. 61 25 4   4 94
The school ensures pupils are well behaved. 66 25 1   2 94
The school deals effectively with bullying. 59 24     11 94
The school is well led and managed. 69 23     2 94
The school responds well to any concern I raise. 73 18     3 94
I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress. 67 25 1   1 94
The school encourages good attendance. 68 25     1 94
The school provides good support for children who need extra help. 67 16     11 94
The school encourages children to become involved with extra-curricular activities. 66 22 2   4 94
I would recommend this school to another parent. 67 27       94


Parents' Comments: (A selection taken from the Parent Survey Forms)

'Staff have gone above and beyond to support my child – she is making progress due to staff here not just giving up on her.'

'When I have discussed any concerns with the teacher, they have been acted upon.  I know my daughter enjoys school and likes her teacher.  All the extra help she needed with her reading skills has brought her on a lot, which is down to your help with this.'

'My daughter enjoys coming to school and always looks forward to it.'

'Can’t fault anything to do with the school – my child loves the school.'

'I am really pleased with the progress made and have total confidence in the school’s ability to look after our child.'

'I am very pleased with this school as it has brought my children on very well and is very polite to their pupils.'

'At first our daughter found it hard to adapt to her new routine of coming to school.  We were very impressed and appreciative of the time and patience staff gave to her, and now our daughter is fully settled and happy when going to school.'

'Great school – has improved in the past few years.'

'Our son has been really happy while attending this school.'

'Really pleased with how well she is doing.'

'Since my child has started this school, he has improved significantly in his behaviour and has also made so much progress in his education.  I am very happy and pleased with the school.'

'Very happy with my child’s progress at this school.'