Headlines from the Ofsted Report (February 2019):

-All teachers and support staff work hard, promote good attitudes to learning and have developed positive relationships with pupils.

-Adults in Nursery and Reception offer a warm and welcoming start to school life. They make sure that children are safe and happy.

-Leaders welcome everyone and are ambitious to lead a fully inclusive school where everyone can thrive.

-The behaviour of pupils is generally good. This is particularly the case in lessons and when pupils are moving around the school. Behaviour on the playground is generally good. In the small proportion of occasions where a minority of pupils show challenging behaviour, teachers skilfully help pupils calm down, so the disruption to other learners is minimised.

-Leaders deal effectively with concerns that arise. The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is good. Pupils have good attitudes to their learning and they take pride in their work.

The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Pupils know how to stay safe, including staying safe online. Effective arrangements are made for checking that pupils who are missing from school are safe.

-Parents are generally positive about the work of the school. One parent said, ‘Both my children enjoy attending and I believe this is down to the amazing teachers.’

Current pupils’ work shows that in most classes, and in most subjects, pupils are now making stronger progress. Pupils with SEND are making stronger progress. Pupils with SEND are very well supported in all classes and their individual learning needs are effectively met.

-High-quality teaching and high expectations of children in Reception ensure that they make good progress.

Leaders have a good understanding of the different barriers to learning that disadvantaged pupils face. They have used additional funding wisely to strengthen safeguarding arrangements and improve attendance

-Leaders have implemented a range of strategies to increase pupils’ engagement in reading. Recent work to instil an enjoyment of reading is starting to pay off.

-The teaching of mathematics is good. In mathematics, there is an upward trend in outcomes at key stage 2 with attainment being above average for the last two years. Pupils’ current work shows that progress is speeding up.

Leaders have recently worked diligently to improve attendance rates, which have remained below average for the last four years. The school’s most recent figures for this term show improvements, including a reduction in the numbers of pupils who too often miss school.

Ofsted website address: http://www.ofsted.gov.uk