Our Bagel Breakfasts
We have recently joined the National School Breakfast Programme (which we’re calling ‘Bagel Breakfast’). This is a national scheme which provides free bagels to eligible schools for all children, so that no child starts the day without having had something to eat. Having surveyed the children, we are aware that a number of our pupils come to school without having breakfast. There will be many reasons for this (eg children getting up late and in a rush, children saying they’re just not hungry etc.) but from Monday 25th March, children will be able to grab a freshly toasted bagel at the start of their school day. If a child doesn’t want a bagel, that’s no problem, but the option will be there each morning. The bagels are especially made for schools (maximum nutrients and minimum ingredients which children might be allergic to) however, if you would like to check out the exact ingredients, please contact me via the school office. All available evidence shows that children behave better, learn more efficiently and are calmer if they start the day with something to eat which is low in sugar and high in fibre/wholegrain. Breakfast club will continue run as normal. Breakfast club breakfasts will stop being served at 8:15am and any child arriving after this time will be able to have a bagel for their breakfast. Please note – the £1 charge for breakfast club goes towards childcare staffing costs rather than the food.