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Home Learning Guide for Parents - including a suggested timetable

20.4.20 - Online Academy (mentioned in Sunday 19th April Government briefing)

Class Emails (Very Important - please read through this page)

We have set up class email addresses so that parents are able to contact class teachers if they have any questions about their children’s education/welfare, particularly if the school is closed due to the coronavirus.  For this system to run smoothly, we ask that when sending an email, parents use the following guidance:

-Parents should look first at the school website to see if the information provided already answers their question.

-Questions or comments should be related to their own children.

-Email exchanges between parents and teachers will always be polite and professional.

-Teachers will endeavour to respond to an email either on the day it was received or the next day, depending on the time the email was sent.

-Parents should not expect teachers to respond to emails outside of school hours.

We hope that by setting up this system, parents will feel less isolated and more informed, should schools have to close.  If this happens, we will continue to update the school website and the class home learning pages with information for you and activities for the children.

General Resources

Spelling Resources Y3 - Y6

Home Learning Projects (for parents/children who would like some more structure for their home learning)

Nursery - Miss Kelly / Mrs Richardson

Reception - Miss Buck / Miss Reynolds

Year 1 - Mrs McConnell

Year 1/2 - Mr Everson

Year 2 - Mrs Pearson

Year 3 - Mrs Alton / Mr Norris

Year 4 - Miss Whitfield / Miss Taylor

Year 5 - Miss Robinson

Year 5/6 - Mrs Gibson

Year 6 - Mr Stephenson