Coronavirus - Free School Meals Vouchers

As those of you entitled to benefits-related Free School Meals (FSM) will know, the government have attempted to put in place a scheme to dispatch FSM vouchers for eligible children.

Unfortunately, the company the government has employed, Edenred, have been completely overloaded and are, we are told, working round the clock to rectify the many issues they are having. To this point however, the system would appear to be woefully inadequate.
We at school have provided all of the information requested by Edenred to allow them to create voucher Ecodes. Edenred then deliver the Ecodes via email to families and the school effectively is no longer involved.

We understand that many of you are having issues where Ecode's have either not been delivered, have been delivered and not able to be redeemed etc.
This is beyond frustrating for our school staff, who are obviously the first port of call for parents either by phone or email when things go wrong, despite being completely out of our hands.

Although we are trying to pass on the issues you are having to Edenred, we have the same email / contact as you for the company and are having the same lack of response to our queries. Every Headteacher I have spoken to is having the same issues and complaints have been made at the highest level of the Local Authority, as this is  causing untold stress, not only to parents but to our staff who feel frustrated and helpless at a system that is quite frankly inadequate.

Therefore, please can I ask for your patience in this matter and again, to reiterate, that this is not a school system or even a system we as a school can do anything to change or influence. 
All issues / complaints MUST be directed to Edenred, as it is only they who are able to resolve them for you (although I really wish we could). I have included the email address from Edenred's  Parents Frequently Asked Questions page for you to contact them directly.

We have a 'skeleton' office staff due to the present lockdown procedures and therefore we are unable to answer phone calls or emails as quickly  as we usually can. Again, please contact Edenred in the first instance where hopefully, they will be able to assist.