Children's Views - February 2017

Here is a summary of children's views which we collected February 2017. Children are very positive about their school and made some wonderful comments. Some children made suggestions about how school could be even further improved and we'll pass these comments on to the school council, for them to discuss and see if changes can be made.

Children's comments:

Things my school do well:
Help people
Help me with my handwriting
Make kids behave well
Protects me and they don't let people be nasty to me
Taking care of us
Teaching us things
Help me when I fall over
Listen to me
Putting up the safety gates
Making the displays nice
Teaching me things
Letting me have lots of friends at school
Listen to me and make sure I'm safe
Most of us stay on the green and don't go on the red
Help me learn new things
Teachers try to make things easy for me to learn
Other people are kind to me outside
Teachers are nice to me
Teachers help me when I'm stuck, then I'm not stuck anymore
Letting me do lots of sports
They do their teaching well
Everything is really fun
My teacher explains why my answer is wrong, then I know it
I like breakfast club and the activities
Performing arts is the best lesson and club
They keep us under control and help us get our targets
Adults listen to us and help us with work and to be safe
Staff and children are kind and helpful during everyday
If someone's sad, the teachers will help out
Lots of sports competitions
They are always there for us
My school is great the way it is
They let us celebrate each thing in the year
They sort out bullying, now people are nice to me
Teachers tell me how to be healthy and make me be safe
They have exciting assemblies and people visit us
The school helps me with my sporting opportunities
They help us to do our best work and to get us ready for the next school
They teach lessons well and help us in every way
A good variety of sports and lessons
They have lots of well trained staff and fun activities
They could do better at nothing
This school is one of the best with great sports and performing arts opportunities
I love going on the ipads
They keep an eye on me when I'm sick
I like the traffic lights in the classrooms
My mentor helps me make every good choice
If you are upset they make you feel better
Teachers take you to different places outside school
When you are struggling the staff don't shout, they show you nicely
They are good at refereeing the football in the cage
Raising money for all the different charities 
I like them letting me doing the judo lessons
We have a nice school uniform and everyone is nice when we see visitors

Things my school could do better:
More prizes
Let me play outside more
More art lessons
More to do outside
Get some more toys and more things to dress up in
Have longer time at clubs
Get some more playtime equipment
School dinners - you should get different things in to eat
Longer playtimes
I think we need to play baseball
More seats to sit on outside
We need some scooters to ride about on
I want to do more cooking and baking
Go on more trips
It would be good to start every lesson with games
Get some bigger classrooms
Different coloured white board pens
Get a new fake football pitch to go on in the winter
The school could do more residential trips
I want to go swimming at least twice a week