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Stephenson Way Academy and Nursery School is a member of Tudhoe Learning Trust and as a school team we work tirelessly to promote the Trust’s core aim:

“To work and learn together, always striving to ensure our pupils achieve their full potential and develop the skills and knowledge required for an ever changing world”

Although we are part of a larger educational organisation, as a school we have our own identity and vision. 

Our Vision

Stephenson Way Academy and Nursery School is a school for all.  We embrace the uniqueness of each child in our care and recognise that one size does not fit all when it comes to learning and education.   Regardless of ability, socio-economic background, race, disability or level of need, we strive to ensure a child’s potential is fulfilled and they leave school well equipped for the next stage of their development.   

We endeavour to make this happen through 7 key aspects which underpin everything we do:

-Encouraging Independence
-Developing Resilience
-Promoting Aspirations
-Broadening Experiences
-Celebrating Difference
-Developing Language and Vocabulary
-Promoting Healthy Living and Wellbeing

Resulting in:

-Enthusiastic learners who enjoy finding out about and experiencing the world they live in.
-Confident communicators who can express themselves appropriately in different situations.
-Respectful citizens who can succedd socially and professionally, in school and in the wider world.
-Ambitious children who strive to become the best they can be.
-Friendly pupils who appreciate the strengths and differences of others around them.
-Self-aware children who know how to look after their own physical and mental wellbeing.

Staff, governors, parents and children have been consulted on what we strive to help our pupils achieve during the time at Stephenson Way.




Our aims are set in collaboration with the Academy Trust, the Governing Body and school staff. 

-To promote a safe, trusting and welcoming environment for all children, parents and staff which is underpinned by good behaviour, effective discipline, celebration of success and safe working practices: so that all stakeholders are safe and secure and can perform and behave to their optimum.

-To develop and promote a love of learning through well thought-out school practices and events: so that children’s skills and dispositions for learning are developed and enhanced within school and beyond the school day.

-To provide high quality teaching, learning and assessment, within a positive, interactive learning environment: so that children achieve as well as they can in reading, writing and mathematics ensuring they are well equipped for the next step in their education.

-To offer a vibrant, exciting and awe inspiring curriculum that involves and engages children at all levels:  so that children have wealth of experiences which helps them to develop spiritually, morally, socially and culturally.

-To provide all children with the opportunity to identify, demonstrate and develop their talents by offering a wide range of experiences within literature, the humanities, sports and PE, the arts and creative and performing aspects of learning: so that all children have the opportunity to succeed.    

-To promote positive (British) values based on democratic principles, rule of law, individual liberty and respectful and tolerant attitudes between children, staff, parents, the Learning Trust and wider community: so that children are well equipped to live and thrive in a diverse, multicultural society.

-To work in collaboration with all stakeholders, including parents, so that learning, achievement and success at school are perceived positively and children are motivated, determined and eager to succeed both in the short and long term: so that children continue to be successful once they have left Stephenson Way Academy and Nursery School.

-  To celebrate success, whether they be big or small, academic or behavioural, individually or within a group: so that children’s efforts are recognised and rewarded.